About Us

James Eckman is the owner of Inman Productions with over 7 years of professional wedding photography and videography experience. James runs the business full time with the help of his cousin and other lead videographer, David Murren. James is passionate about having happy clients and wants to build the best wedding production company in Ohio.

Whitney Merkle has been photographing weddings for over 7 years and clients absolutely love her! She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire day. Her shooting style evokes warmth and closeness. By the end of the night she'll be friends with the entire bridal party and their family and friends!

David Murren is co-owner and lead videographer for Inman Productions. He is extremely hard working and has captured over 100 weddings. He always leaves a great impression on his clients and absolutely loves capturing weddings and working with people.

Allyson Flinner has been shooting weddings for several years and we couldn't be more excited to have her be apart of our team. She is a natural at wedding photography and works extremely well with clients. Allyson is easy going and fun to be around. Her love for photography is contagious and we absolutely love working with her!

Rachel Baker is a long time family friend of Inman owner James Eckman and an absolutely brilliant photographer! She owns her own photography business, Rachel Lucia Photography, and when she's not capturing her own weddings she shoots on our team! Rachel has a photography style all her own capturing the most true essence of her subjects by being extremely personable with her couples and easy going. Rachel has a natural way of capturing happiness and the beauty of not only the aesthetics of the day but the couple and their family and friends.

Shelly Duncan is a creative powerhouse! Shelly is the most recent member to join our team and we are so incredibly excited to have her! Shelly specializes in portraits, nature, landscapes, fashion, and fine arts. She'll make you feel comfortable and confident in no time. Shelly also shoots for PhotoVogue and owns Shelly Duncan Photography. Shelly has already made a strong impression on us and is a phenomenal photographer and videographer. We are looking forward to working more with Shelly and are always excited to see her new work!

Tom Crane does it all. He is our lead videographer, photographer, and photo booth operator. Tom's passion for creating beautiful work stretches from wedding photography and film to nature photography, stylized portraits, architecture, and so much more! When he's not behind a camera he's usually thinking about his next shot!

Merri Harren is an absolute joy to be around. When she is not shooting for her company, Clover and Bloom Photography, she can be seen on our team! The quickness and ease at which Merri gets her clients comfortable is amazing. She's able to bring out the truest form in her subjects by being incredibly personable and fun. Merri's photography style is warm and candid. Her photos tell a story with just one snap of the shutter.